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Note Buyer Payment Plans

Note buyers can offer multiple payment options when you sell a note for cash.

At The Mortgage Buyer, Inc., we offer you a number of creative alternatives regarding the sale of a note. Each option is customized to provide you with the cash you need — when you need it. As the note holder, you are always in control of how the sale is structured. Most people who contact a note buyer only consider selling all of their remaining payments. However, there are many situations where selling only a portion of your note payments, rather than all of them, will best accomplish your goals and provide the greatest financial results. This is why it is important to know your options before you sell a note and to conduct business with a note buyer that will look out for your best interests. Below, we describe three of our most popular purchase plans:

Full Purchase

Our full sale option means that we purchase all of the remaining payments on your privately-held note. This is our most popular sale plan because it allows you to completely liquidate your investment and provides you with the largest amount of up-front cash.

Partial Purchase

Our partial sale option means that we purchase only a portion of the payments remaining on your note. This purchase plan often makes the most sense for people who would like to generate a specific amount of cash. Choosing to sell only a portion of your note payments can help you achieve the best of both worlds; the capital you need now and a valuable residual interest in the note for future income.

Split-Payment Purchase

Our split-payment purchase option means that we purchase only a fraction of each of the payments remaining on your note. This purchase plan allows you to receive a lump sum of cash now while at the same time keeping some monthly cash flow to help with every day expenses. For example, if the scheduled note payments are $500 per month, you can sell just a portion of that payment (say $300) for a lump sum of cash now and retain the balance of $200 ($500 less $300) to be received by you from each monthly note payment.

Your partial purchase option was super quick, super easy and completely solved my problem.

D. & T. Poteet, Lebanon, MO

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